We offer compressor hire for all your needs! We stock a large range of air compressors, including the following:

70 CFM140 CFM
250 CFM (Fixed pressure and aftercooler)
350 CFM (Variable pressure)
400 CFM (Dual pressure)400 CFM (14 Bar)500 CFM (Variable pressure)540 CFM (Dual pressure and aftercooler)
565 CFM (Variable pressure)

700 CFM (Variable Pressure)

Each compressor will provide a reliable source of compressed air, which can drive pneumatic tools such as rock drills, air pokers, hammer jacks, demo picks and needle guns. These can be hired at the same time as our compressors according to your requirements. High volume air delivery applications such as sandblasting and drilling/piling are also covered.


With great customer service and speedy deliveries, we are perfect for your air compressor hire needs!

70 CFM

The smallest of our compressors for hire

Easily towable (Weighs below 750kg)

Ideal for small air tools etc. 

140 CFM

Easily towable (Weighs below 900kg)

250 cfm

Easily Towable

Fixed Pressure (100 PSI)

Fitted with aftercooler

Ideal for shot blasters

350 - 400 cfm

Easily Towable (Weighs 2000kg)

Variable Pressures (100 - 170 PSI)

Also dual pressure available (150 - 200 PSI)

14 Bar = 200 PSI

500 - 565 cfm

Towable (Max limit)

Variable Pressures (100 - 170 PSI)

Fitted with aftercoolers

Ideal for all drilling jobs



700 CFM 12 Bar

Doosan Compressor

Towable (Max Limit)

Variable pressures

Ideal for larger drilling jobs



700 CFM 14.5 Bar / 900 CFM 7 Bar

Our largest compressor available for hire

Towable (Max Limit)

Variable pressures

Ideal for larger drilling jobs